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Company Background

The organization behind TotalAV is SS Protect. They’re based in Hampshire, UK and have approximately 40 workers. They also have branches in Venice, California.

Security Features

From the free version into the top versions, TotalAV is a feature rich app. The free version includes all of the basics necessary to keep you and your device secure. It is lightweight, yet powerful. There are three tiers to the premium version, together with the greatest package providing you with the basics offered in the free version plus real-time protection, protection to your smartphone, and much more.

TotalAV scored high points in detecting phishing websites against evaluation samples and outperformed phishing protection software that’s made into several Internet browsers.

Additional Features

TotalAV’s Ultimate antivirus package includes a password manager called the Safe Password Vault, a VPN, in addition to Smartphone Optimizer & Protection. This security feature is an all-in-one cross-platform attribute which will keep you protected regardless of where you’re, at the workplace, at home, or on the go. With the Optimizer, you have the ability to accelerate performance whilst securely browsing, as well as boost your cellphone’s memory.

An additional Safe Browsing VPN add-on means you may stay fully anonymous while on the move. (Notice this add-on is sold separately.)

Benefits of Use & Performance

Tired of confusing UI (User Interface) which isn’t easy to navigate? Then TotalAV is the obvious winner. Its primary dashboard is nicely laid out and broken down to four characteristic areas which are clearly identified and easy to follow. Navigating this major dashboard is a breeze.

Even before you reach the point where you start your new app, TotalAV wows with its simple download and install. You don’t have to spend hours picking options and setting up different features manually.

Whatever platform you are working on, Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, you can make certain this lightweight, yet powerful program will not affect your work or play. System processes are compact letting you do what you will need to do.

An extra benefit from a performance perspective is TotalAV is always checking your system — searching for problems that could impact performance, then dealing with them. Moreover, if you are at a stage where your hard disk is almost full, and you are always searching for things to delete, TotalAV includes a feature that searches out copies and eliminates them. All this is performed in the background without affecting the speed of your system.

Number of Licenses & Package Details

If you’re looking for the free version, you may download it on a single device, but be aware, this isn’t the full-featured program.

If you pick the complete program, they give a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have a testing period using this item. This zero-risk offer alone should be enough to get you to provide TotalAV a try!

There are some substantial additions in the best bundle and these comprise the Password Vault, SmartPhone Optimizer & Protection for both iOS and Android apparatus, and the Safe Surfing VPN. If these are programs which you don’t have, then taking a look at the greatest package is absolutely a fantastic idea. VPNs are becoming more and more necessary for protecting our information and protecting ourselves against those who want to spy on us. So it might be that despite the greater cost the greatest version is the most cost-effective for you.

Notice that while the TotalAV free version is an exceptional program, it doesn’t include real-time protection. So my view is you should go for going to one of the top versions even in case you choose the lower end premium version.

Customer Support

TotalAV provides stellar support. You have the choice of looking at their knowledge base articles and FAQs or going directly to the source and calling them via telephone, email, or chat.

Bottom Line

The free version is extremely effective when it comes to malware security, but my recommendation would be to have a look at the midrange antivirus Pro bundle, at the very least. The awesome protection, coupled with amazing additional features and stellar customer service make this one a definite winner!