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Company Background

Panda Security was set in 1990 in Madrid, Spain. In 2005, they have been ranked the fourth largest antivirus vendor on the planet. They’ve subsidiaries throughout the US and UK as well as franchises in 44 nations. In 2009, the US subsidiary transferred its headquarters to Orlando, Florida. The business currently employs approximately 450 people and has an estimated annual revenue of $66.1M.

Awards & Prizes

Panda Security always stands up Editor’s Choice awards and decorations. Some notable past awards include multiple Real-World Protection evaluations from AV-Comparatives for Panda Antivirus. Other awards include the Editor’s Choice award from PC Mag, too for Panda Antivirus.

And by the way, if you’re searching for a business solution, Panda is the clear winner with their Adaptive Defence software. IT Pro, who’s ranked among the UK’s most influential technology websites, given a five-star review for Panda Adaptive in September 2018.

Security Features

For the typical household, my view is that Panda Dome Advanced is most likely the best package. It includes antivirus, wi-fi protection, a personal firewall, in addition to protection against ransomware and all sorts of viruses. In addition to that, it also provides parental controls.

According to a review by PCWorld, Panda Wi-Fi security permits you to find out what’s happening with your network at a glance. And while its user-interface might not be totally intuitive, the degree of security auditing you access to your router is instant and beneficial. If the connection mode in your router is not deemed to be secure enough, Panda will suggest a change.

Panda has obtained some impressive test results from AV-Comparatives. It’s important to remember that while these tests are based on Panda’s free antivirus program, but the exact elements are used on the premium level packages. In its most recent evaluation, Panda blocked 100% of the cases used in its real-world defense evaluation, and 99.99% of the malware cases it was tested with.

There’s absolutely not any question. Those are remarkable results.

Additional Features

From the complimentary to the premium versions, Panda Security has a superb suite of features. Features which are easy to implement, offering you total security on lightweight applications that will not slow you down. Though limited, the free version is excellent at what it will.

Their premium packages range from a vital package to a Premium bundle. The vital package includes a firewall and Wi-Fi security. Next up, is the Advanced protection package that also includes protection against ransomware, and all viruses, in addition to parental controls. Their Complete package, that’s the next level up advertisements on information security and a password manager, while the top tier package, Premium, adds on a premium, full-featured VPN.

Benefits of Use & Performance

Panda has an excellent clean UI (user interface) which is unified across all devices. It’s user-friendly and simple to navigate. Another plus is all Panda’s apps are lightweight, meaning they are not going to use up system procedures and slow down other programs that are open.

Number of Licenses and Bundle Details

Antivirus for Windows includes four unique levels of security while Antivirus for Mac is made up of two levels of security.

The Windows version has Panda Dome Vital, Panda Dome Advanced, Panda Dome Total and eventually Panda Dome Premium. If you’re a Mac user, your choices are crucial or Premium.

Note they all include free trials, so you have the opportunity to check prior to making a purchase decision.

Panda Security provides an astounding variety of features. If you spend a whole lot of time online surfing, downloading or anything else, these features will ultimately be a fantastic deal for you.

Customer Support

For those people who are interested in an antivirus backed by outstanding support, look no farther than Panda Security. Standard support is given by telephone Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, and for people who have a premium bundle, 24/7phone support is supplied. Web email and support are also available and Panda is one of those highest-ranked organizations concerning support from the antivirus business.

Bottom Line

The free antivirus package Panda provides free of cost offers outstanding protection. So it only stands to reason that the premium bundles offer a great deal more. And though the premium software isn’t cheap, which can’t be contested, it is well worth the purchase price. When it comes to antivirus software, Panda knows what they’re doing.