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Company Background

Norton has existed since 1990 when the internet and computers have become widespread and consumer security was a new frontier in business. Since their founding, they’ve broadened their range out of business security to house security and have remained a dominant force since their entry into the industry. Today, they concentrate on security suites that are acceptable for both home computers and mobile devices.

Awards and Prizes

Norton has won several awards over its years of use. PC Magazine gave Norton an Editor’s Choice Award in 2015, representing premium quality and usability for customers. By AV-test, Norton won an Innovation Award, also in 2015. Top 10 reviews’ Randall Sutherland gave Norton a 9.2 out of 10, citing its wide protection and fantastic user-friendliness.

Security Features

Norton’s security software is comprehensive.

Norton primarily protects your computer using a Smart Firewall that’s updated both daily with new virus definitions to help with firewall security and an annual update that is more comprehensive. This firewall is continually running and checks everything that comes into your computer. This is best shown with the program’s advanced warning system, which creates a little popup appears whenever something Norton is unsure of prepares to get into your computer. It gives you the option to block or allow incoming data packets this way.

Norton also automatically scans for threats from email attachments, in addition to links on Facebook articles or messages. A comprehensive scan is always available from the security hub, which permits you to initiate a complete scan of your computer. This scan may remove junk files that cause your computer to slow or viruses that have already incorporated into your device before Norton’s installation.

Certain Norton packages also provide a secure VPN. This attribute masks your real IP address to prevent identity thieves or germs from monitoring your activity and finding out details about your life. Norton also provides a’Safecam’ attribute to prevent viruses from monitoring you since you use your own webcam. This is a fantastic feature rarely seen in other antivirus packages.

There are numerous highly-trusted companies that have reviewed Norton’s performance in independent testing. By Dennis Labs, Norton received a AAA rating and a 100% accuracy rating, representing its own identification of viral threats. AV-test, a German independent testing laboratory, Norton received high ratings in all categories: 6/6 for Protection, 5.5/6 to Performance, and 6/6 for Usability.

Additional Features

Norton provides, depending upon your software package, some quantity of cloud data backup in the event of hard disk failure or the theft of your apparatus.

Password security is included in all Norton bundles.

Norton provides Dark Web Tracking, too. This feature scans the darknet, which is made up of pages not publicly available, for your personal information to alert you of potential identity theft.

LifeLock is your final Norton feature package, which focuses on superior identity security capacities. This suite offers darknet monitoring, credit monitoring, an Identity Alert system to notify you of potential identity theft, and financial protection bundles in the event your information is missing. This makes Norton an exceptional choice for people who perform a good deal of transactions online.

The family protection features by Norton are believed to be the very best in the industry by just about all antivirus review websites and testers, so if this feature is important to you, getting Norton as your antivirus package should be a no brainer.

Ease of Use and Performance

Norton’s programs are controlled with a central hub which may be obtained via your desktop. This interface has always been rated as very user-friendly and intuitive in design.

Norton is known to operate somewhat heavily on specific computers because of the high number of features and a very comprehensive Smart Firewall. This firewall is responsible for scanning virtually anything which attempts to interact with your computer, so the tradeoff for complete protection, in this instance, is a little less speed. McAfee, on the other hand, offers around exactly the same amount of protection with greater functionality. However, McAfee doesn’t offer as many added features or identity security perks.

Norton has won tests where the main goal was to clean up junk in a computer and remove embedded viruses. This exceptional thoroughness is compensated for with more of a tax on your computer’s processes.

Number of Licenses and Package Deals

Norton has four main package deals that include varying numbers of licenses.

Norton Security Standard: This is the fundamental Norton antiviral package. It comprises a license for a single PC/Mac or cellular device and has the primary host of Norton security features and capabilities, such as the Smart Firewall, automatic updates, and the unique 100% Virus Protection Promise.

Norton Security Deluxe: Gives you the exact same protection as the typical package but for up to 5 devices (such as cellular phones or tablets). This package provides the same security attributes mentioned previously.

Norton Security Premium: This is a 10-license bundle including all the characteristics described by the Security Deluxe bundle but for 10 devices. Additionally, it has automatic backups and 25 GB of cloud information storage and superior online family security features.

Norton Security Deluxe with LifeLock STANDARD: Just Like the Deluxe package, this provides licenses for 5 computers or devices. Moreover, you receive the whole LifeLock feature bundle: 1 year identity theft coverage including dark web monitoring, the LifeLock Identity Alert System, credit monitoring, and financial security.

Please see the Norton site via our website to read more about these many packages and special offers.

Customer Support

Norton has a thorough customer support system that focuses on constant availability whatever the time of day or week. You may get help online through support forums, customer support chat, and a 24/7 call line. There are always agents available to speak to and help work through technical questions or issues concerning the software.

Bottom Line

There’s a reason why Norton is among the most powerful brands in the antivirus business. Few providers offer such a broad assortment of well-working characteristics, fantastic support, and comprehensive protection. This is an exceptional antivirus software program that is fantastic for people who do a good deal of business online, in addition to those who require more family safety features.