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Company Background

Heimdal Security is a Danish company started in 2011. The business is true to its origins and has related its goods to the mythical Norse-figure: Thor.

Though Heimdal is a young company in contrast to other titles in the security sector; it is slowly rising to the top. The business is determined to develop new technologies to protect their users against security breaches and cyber threats.

Accomplishments and Awards

Since its inception in 2011, the business has become the shield against countless cybercriminal strikes and information security threats. Their esteemed clientele assembles over 600,000 consumers and 5000 businesses. As a result of their outstanding service, they’ve been acclaimed with international awards in the past few decades.

• Heimdal Antivirus won the “Most Educational Security Blog” in 2016.

• In 2017, the antivirus solution was nominated for “Antivirus Solution of the Year”.

• In the Computing Security Awards 2018, the business has crowned the winner of “Anti-Malware Solution of the Year” category.

Security Features

Thor Premium is one of the most advanced threat monitoring systems around here and blocks all external threats. However, it lacks the ability to remove present threats by itself. However, Heimdal’s next-generation threat detection is a worthy feature to have for almost any user.

The “DarkLayer Guard” is a comprehensive firewall feature that provides real-time two-way protection. The feature blocks the transmission of DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS packets whenever they’re deemed suspicious.

The “X-Ploit Resilience” ensures there aren’t any unpatched vulnerabilities left in the system. Thus the machine is protected from security threats like zero-day strikes, traffic redirects, and information leakages.

The antivirus also keeps a check on a device to infrastructure communication which prevents viruses from attacking deep-level processes inside the system. This characteristic of Vector Detection uses second-generation detection to protect the system’s firmware.

Additional Features

Thor premium Home includes add-ons that enhance the general features of the program.

The auto-update coupled with immediate software patching ensures the program is up-to-date. The TTPC tool enables users to inspect which procedures the antivirus has blocked and introduced them if appropriate.

The program takes care of vulnerabilities through multiple layers of security. Security layers like Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Scam shield the user from many of cyber threats. Heimdal also contains a Web protection feature that’s vital from blocking malicious sites.

Number of Licenses & Products

The provider’s product base is varied and covers both domestic users in addition to clientele from the corporate world. It’s established a free version for their clients to have a basic look and feel of the merchandise.

Each consumer has different requirements and the provider provides defined pricing for their home-based clients. There’s a selection of packages and goods from which users can select based on their requirements. Moreover, for convenience, the company provides an outstanding 30-day money-back trial.

Thor Vigilance Home – Thor Vigilance Home has a solid firewall but lacks some antivirus features. Its performance is coined around responsive security and has premium features such as a sandbox and backdoor inspection. The product caters to three devices at only $29.98 and is valid for an entire year.

Thor Foresight House – Thor Foresight house is an antivirus solution, overlooking the critical features of a firewall. It is based on a mechanism of proactive protection that runs in the background and keeps your system clean. The product is priced at $34.98 for three apparatus and is valid for a year.

Thor Premium Home – Thor Premium Home is the exclusive product of this home line. The product couples both reactive and proactive protection mechanisms to think of a complete solution. The product is reasonably priced at $34.98 and may be used by three apparatus for a year. Seeing as it is the exact same cost as the Foresight bundle, you should definitely pick this one…

Ease of Use

The Heimdal antivirus products are easy to configure and simple to use. All you will need to do is to download an installation file from the site and permit it to initiate into a definitions update. Whenever it is installed, it launches a tool called “Heimdal Agent” on the primary dashboard.

Users may select between three skins to find the user interface of the liking. The users may also overview system health reports in the dashboard. The software includes a limited yet concentrated set of attributes, allowing it to have a clean interface.


Customer care is possibly the most under-rated characteristic of any item. In Heimdal’s case, it’s one of its most powerful components. Although the antivirus does not have a support section in the program, its site is home to an incredible “Education Centre”.

The FAQ and Support sections of the site have comprehensive documentation. Also, known problems, new safety methods and all the latest updates in the cybersecurity world are comprehensive for the convenience of users.

The company also caters to a state email ticketing system. Where a user can report the problem he or she’s facing. Trained agents respond to these tickets and are available for the customers round the clock.

Bottom Line

Though Heimdal Antivirus isn’t a comprehensive security package; its premium Thor attributes hammer off most cybersecurity dangers through their second-generation malware detection and rigorous low-level monitoring.