Business Strategy and Tactics

Business Strategy and Tactics

Wikipedia defines Strategy and Techniques since the ends of a spectrum utilized to plan a military operation where

The plan is the greatest tier of preparation and concerns the way drive is translated into political goals,
a fairly vaguely defined intermediate’ degree, which transforms strategy into strategies and
“strategic” decisions are those created to attain maximum immediate worth
The army that devised these theories planned to reconquer Europe. Our goals as we put up our new business strategy are comparatively modest. . We only wish to start a thriving business strategy.

There is an old joke that goes something like this.

“A motorist is missing in the darkest depths of the countryside looking for his way back into the hotel where he’s staying. In desperation, he pulls over to ask directions from among the natives. “Excuse me”, he states, “Would you guide me to the Hotel please?”. The regional looks at him for an instant sucks on his teeth and says”I would not begin from here, Boy”.

For our goal as entrepreneurs, we just consider strategy” and”Tactics” and dismiss the intermediate phase. If our business is ready to go, we might want to grow it further, it might be helpful if our approach has put us at a proper location to begin from.

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The presence of a properly thought-out approach provides us space to come up with our strategies as the business evolves!

The Traditional tactical questions are:-

  1. What exactly do we do (as a business)?
  2. For whom do we take action
  3. How can we excel

And also our time horizon needs to be at least three (and if You can handle it ) years

The response is the USP or Unique Selling Proposition

Your plan will endure a heavy load and you must get it before you proceed. Your USP should reflect your

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Values and
  4. Plan

Your strategic Options fall from your plan and involve the

  1. who?
  2. what?
  3. At which and
  4. when?

and not forgetting the ‘how’? Of your business

It should not be presumed that the procedure must lead to high ideals and expansive plans

My brother’s business plan was a one-man builder, working on great margins on the grounds he was the sweetest, most exact and reliable plumber in his own city.

His tactics have been to operate independently, win work through word of mouth, and concentrate on top-end kitchens and bathrooms.

Tactically, he put one ad in his regional newspaper, purchased another hand van, also made a point of media his way to a group of dealers, roofers, tilers, carpenters etc, he believed, had parallel plans for their businesses.

Both plan and strategies have worked out really nicely…

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