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Company Background

Bullguard started in 2002 in Copenhagen by Morten Lund and Theis Sondergaard. They are headquartered in London and have approximately 100 employees in offices throughout Europe.

In November 2018 Bullguard announced a partnership with NordVPN, among the most trusted VPN providers globally. The objective of this venture is to make an all-encompassing cybersecurity solution for today’s consumer marketplace. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be planning to incorporate that into their existing Internet Security package. It sells as a standalone.

Awards & Prizes

Bullguard always wins prizes from independent business authorities for their antivirus packages. Month after month AV-TEST has given the Internet Security bundle with the Best Product Award. AV-Comparatives gave Advanced certificates for malware functionality, malware removal, and functionality several occasions in 2018, with the performance award being an Advanced+ award. They have also brought home the Best Security Software Award from Tech for Techs.

The Premium Protection bundle from Bullguard is award-worthy also. It won several awards in 2018 from AV-Comparatives, including their prestigious Gold Award for malware protection.

Security Features

If you’re searching for a well-rounded security package, you really don’t have to look farther than Bullguard. Even the entrance version is a good program, offering anti-malware, anti-ransomware, safe surfing, and Game Booster. Bullguard’s vulnerable scanner, which can be contained in the entry package, has racked up some superb test scores in laboratory tests.

Taking a look at the Internet Security bundle, which contains the firewall missing from the entry package, you receive a full-featured app, still at a fair price.

As a whole, Bullguard continues to get top marks for security, usability, and performance in evaluations done by AV-Test.

Additional Features

The entrance variant includes Game Booster. As the name implies, this is something players might find attractive. And Bullguard is the only antivirus which has such a characteristic. It provides players with malware security by working with your computer’s core chips, rearranging open programs to other cores, leaving your sport free of spikes and drops in speed.

Other noteworthy features in the Internet Security bundle include parental controls and a cloud incorporated backup.

Ease of use & Performance

AV-Tests have given Bullguard great marks on functionality and usability, two variables that affect the speed of your system. You can be certain Bullguard will not slow you down whatever you are doing. It is running efficiently in the background, keeping you safe.

If you are a serious gamer, there is really no other option, since Bullguard has assembled services for this particular market segment into its center, whichever package you use. Gamers are extremely sensitive to performance problems and anything which may impact that functionality. And quite often apps like antivirus can be resource hogs. Not so with Bullguard. It is built with gamers in mind.

Amount of Permits & Package Details

Bullguard has 3 distinct protection packages, beginning with the entry-level Antivirus, the mid-level Internet Security package, and finally the Premium Protection package.

Customer Support

Based on the language you speak, Bullguard provides email support 24/7. But that’s limited to English and Romanian assistance help. And again, it is the only email. For those speaking Chinese, French, Danish, Dutch, German or Swedish, your email choice is limited to 9 am to 5 pm CET.

They’ve extensive Product Guides available in addition to a searchable Support Center with many FAQs.

Last, Bullguard also manages a rather busy user forum known as the Bullguard Zone. General clients or players can post questions or concerns and receive answers from their peers or Bullguard service staff.

Bottom Line

I am not going to tell you this is the best antivirus in the marketplace, as it isn’t. Frankly, I’d say there is no such thing as the ideal antivirus because each user and every family will have differing and specific needs.

As pointed out previously, if you are a gamer, then this is obviously the best option. If not, and you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive antivirus (compared to some of its rivals ), I would not hold back from advocating Bullguard. Having said this, I’d probably move up to the mid or Premium tier packages because the relatively modest increase in cost does add a whole lot of useful features.